Wednesday, August 29, 2007

August 29 class -- reactions after class

Well, I was really pleased with how things went! People had very interesting things to say, and I felt as if the mix (computational, linguistic, etc.) was a good one.

Here are the pointers to the papers from today:

Marr, David. Vision. W.H. Freeman, 1982

Kosslyn, S. M., and Maljkovic, V. (1990). Marr's metatheory revisited. Concepts in Neuroscience, 1, 239-251.

Folks should comment on this posting in order to create their after-class reaction pieces.

For next class (and the one after), these readings are worth looking at:

"Turing Machine", Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy

Big-O Notation,

"Church-Turing Thesis", Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy

"Computational Theory of Mind", Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy

There will soon be a posting of a pointer to a PDF file for Howard's readings.

How to post reactions

I think it would make sense for each class session to have a single blog posting that includes everyone's reactions before and after as comments. Whoever gets there first can get the honor of creating the initial posting, and everyone else can add comments (and comments on comments, etc.) after that.

Chris and I will show you an example in a second...

(Of course, please also feel free to do fresh new postings on other related topics if you are inspired to so so.)

Welcome to The Computations of Language!

Ok, so we're going to try out Chris's suggestion and see how a blogging setup works as a communication mechanism for the class -- at least in terms of people's reactions and discussion. I'll also set up a regular old mailing list for class announcements, and I'll make sure to quickly provide pointers to the syllabus, readings, etc.

In terms of structure, just a reminder that Juan and I would like folks to now enter the virtuous cycle of (a) reacting to the previous class, (b) doing the readings for the next class, (c) reacting to the readings by, say, 5pm Tuesdays, (d) reading everyone's reactions in advance, (e) optionally returning to step d and reacting to people's reactions, (f) ... ok, you get the idea. Lather, Rinse, Repeat. (I don't think I would have written that if this were not a blog. Hmmm, wonder what this medium does to people...)

As always, also please feel free to e-mail Juan and/or me privately with any concerns, issues, discussions, etc.